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The 7 Best AI Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

The 7 Best AI Chrome Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

With the proliferation of AI technology, more and more Chrome extensions are being developed to help increase productivity while online. Here are the top 7 AI-powered Chrome extensions that were recently released, and how they can maximize your productivity.

1. Voila AI
Voila offers an all-in-one tool to improve writing, craft professional emails, create high-quality content, and supercharge your browser. This AI-powered assistant is your perfect online productivity booster.

With Voila AI, you can write better and faster than before. The AI technology helps you rephrase, grammar-check, and get detailed feedback on your text in real-time. Voila also offers templates for emails, letters, and reports. With this extension, anything can be done easily and quickly.

Get it now: getvoila.ai

2. Wisesome
Wisesome is a new AI-powered browser extension that transforms your online reading experience. It helps you master any topic effortlessly by optimizing the content and breaking down difficult concepts into easily understandable parts.

The extension offers a range of AI-powered features, such as highlighting, summarizing, and mind-mapping. Wisesome works with business websites, news outlets, digital publishers, such as Medium, and academic repositories.

Get it now: wiseone.io

3. SciSpace Copilot
If you are someone who regularly reads scientific articles online and struggles to understand complex concepts, Scispace Copilot is the perfect AI extension for you. It gives users real-time answers to articles, no matter where you read them online.

The extension uses AI technology to provide its users with instant, simplified answers to all the scientific content you’re reading. With SciSpace Copilot, you will never have to leave an article unfinished ever again.

Get it now: typeset.io/copilot-chrome-plugin/

4. Compose AI
Compose AI is an AI-powered Chrome extension that automates your writing, making it faster and simpler. It helps generate any text using AI insanely fast so that you can write better content in seconds for yourself.

With Compose AI, you can quickly tailor your messaging to a specific audience by using its powerful AI analysis to generate writing that speaks directly to them. The extension enables you to write faster and frees up time for more creative tasks.

Get it now: compose.ai

5. Monica
Monica is an AI-powered extension that can chat with you about anything. It offers features like generating copywriting using 80+ templates, translating, rephrasing, and explaining text on any web page.

Monica allows you to easily translate web pages while you are browsing, making it suitable for use in any situation. The extension can be accessed by press Ctrl or Cmd+M and is available on all websites.

Get it now: monica.im

6. Cmd J
Cmd J is an AI-powered Chrome extension that helps improve your writing, get answers to coding questions, and generate blog posts. With one-click access via the ChatGPT keyboard shortcut, users can utilize AI technology to automate these time-consuming tasks.

Get it now: cmdj.app

7. AgreeTo
AgreeTo is an AI-powered Chrome extension that helps schedule meetings without ever leaving your inbox. With AgreeTo, you receive real-time availability responses from meeting attendees and the extension automatically schedules the meeting event.

Get it now: Chrome Plugin

These AI-powered Chrome extensions can greatly improve your workflow and boost your productivity. From improving your writing to automating your daily tasks, they offer a range of features that can make your work much easier. Installing these extensions is quick and easy, and you’ll soon be able to start utilizing their full potential.

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